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Between Lust and Love 13c

Mystery Unfolding

"Ian..."  My lips form words but no sound escapes as I watch him now from far away.

After several moments, I stand torn over whether to follow or whether to go.  Shaking my head I start to walk his way when a gruff voice approaches me unexpectedly from behind. The gray mist is thick now, the light from the diner barely see-able as the rain reveals it was not done pouring.  "Shut up and stop walking." Says the voice as a small blade terrifyingly traces the side of my throat.

"Who are you?"  I freeze as the man falls silent, tossing me effortlessly through my open car door; my keys dangle painfully from my fingertips as he grabs them, working to move me into the passenger side. I kick at him as he slides into the drivers seat, pulling the knife up to me, his arm pinning my neck to the point I can hardly breathe.

I struggle slightly but realize hope of escaping is quickly falling faster and faster out of my reach as I begin to black out slightly, my hands trying desperately to fight him off. "Stop." I whisper as my arms began to grow numb, my consciousness now drifting in and out as he clamps tightly around my throat.

Like a miracle, my passenger door flies open; two arms pull me within a split second of time from the deadly grip of the kidnapper. The man in my car panicks and throws the car quickly into reverse, driving recklessly out of the parking lot to make his escape.

His Eyes

Familiar blue eyes look down at me; the parking lot is cold but

his arms are warm about me for the first time. 

The morning fog in the parking lot is thicker than ever as I watch his breath fog in front of me, breathless, he looks down to make sure I am fine. "Are you okay?" he asks, his eyes no longer showing shame but a strange brokenness. "Yes." I breath out.

Without a second thought, I reach over and touch his face in a surreal fashion, my hand reaching for a moment 20 years into the past, the hollow echoes of his eyes still looking back at me just as they had so long ago.

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