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Realistic fiction stories online

Willow Haven

Page 3

His eyes showed a hint of fire in them and I noticed he was wearing his leather jacket just as he did when he was preparing to ride.  I remember the smell of its leather and the hint of rosewood soap on his skin.  His hair was ruddy and tossed by the wind that evening, and he reached, picking a large sweet blackberry from the bush, his eyes looking at my calm, soft lips.

He fed me the blackberry, looking into my eyes with the strangest mix of a wild boyhood that could never die.  He bent, quickly kissing me for the first time, his lips were warm and unfamiliar but glorious, and his strong, lean arm came behind my back, pulling me to his chest.

I was a girl who lived in each moment that came, not questioning them but studying them as if each moment was a thrilling lesson from life to teach me how to live.  He set my bucket down on the ground as he then traced the outline of my eye.  “You’ll be alright, Baelynn.” He said, zipping up his jacket, giving me one last soft look of his eyes.  “I will write, you know…I’m not just going to drop away, but I have to go now.”  I smiled, a slight wetness in my eyes, knowing the truth of his goodbye.

The bath water suddenly began to feel quite cold, jolting me from my memory.  I noticed, for the first time, the ceiling fan roaring high above me.  Quickly I stood up, cautiously removing myself from my warm oasis, and found the fan switch to terminate its chilling effect on my hot bath.

The breeze blue quite suddenly, chilling me to the bone and a grabbed my towel for quick warmth.  I stopped, looking down at the floor as I smelled a familiar scent of leather in the air.  “Baelynn” came the familiar, soft voice.  I turned to see Ethan’s silhouette, there outside my balcony doors, cascaded sharply against the dark backdrop of the night.

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