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Between Lust and Love 13e

An End to Begin

I'm not sure what to do as a million thoughts rush over me; memories of his cruel coldness the night of our intimacy...the look of his eyes when he saved me...the awe of forgotten memories. 

"Braeden."  Comes the voice from the other side.  "I need to talk with you...please."  He finishes, his words sounding both bold and careful at the same time.

After making a muffled sound of nervous tension, I check my mouth for cookie crumbs and open the door, my eyes looking cautiously a the man who stands before me.

"How did you know where I live?"  I ask as he looks into my eyes with a strange hope.

He smiles slightly, holding up his phone as he answers.  "Google."  He says, as if that explains all I need to know.  "Hmm" I respond simply as I look him quickly over.  "Well, would you like some coffee?  It's a little too cold out here for long heart-felt discussions."

I shoot him a sarcastic smile, remnants from fond childhood memories of long ago.  He nods, quickly accepting my offer as I usher him into the kitchen where sunlight now sprinkles warmly through the dark clouds outside.

I put on a pot of coffee as Ian sits down at the kitchen table, his eyes softly watching me as I make my way to the chair across from him.

"First of all...Braeden, I wanted you to know that I had no idea it was you that night...that night that we..."  He pauses as I casually pull my hair back from my neck, revealing the cut left behind by the thief.  I sit up straight, finishing his statement with ease.  "The night that I shared myself with you?"

He closes his mouth and looks me in the eyes, humility washing over his presence at my words.  "Yes."  He answers simply.

I wait patiently for him to continue and scuffle off to retrieve the coffee and the mugs. "And I know it shouldn't matter either way...I mean that it shouldn't matter if i had known who you were or not...the way I acted..." He continues.

I sit down, handing him a cup of coffee as he locks eyes with me once again.  "The way I treated you, Braeden, was horrific...and I have regretted it each and every day since."

His eyes hold volumes as he removes his glove, his warm fingers reaching over for my hand; I pull away.

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