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Between Lust and Love - Page 2

Striking Blow

Lechery laughs as he walks towards the window; turning to Braeden he shakes his head and leans upon its seal. The dove does not fly, but remains as the man in gray speaks on. “Did you really believe for a minute…?” He laughs again and then stops suddenly. “Sunlight!” He exclaims to the court while keeping his hands planted firmly on the seal behind him. He continues. “She thinks sunlight…” Suddenly he walks briskly towards you and snatches the white rose from Braedens’ hand ”sunlight and flowers can give you hope to leave my touch?” With rage he crumples the rose in his hand…the petals fall to the floor. Braeden looks back at Letchery, anger in her eyes. The Man in Gray smiles with arrogance and leans in close and whispers into Braedens’ ear. “I can see your ugly scars, little whore.” Braeden jerks her head back, clenching her hands to hide the pain in her heart. Lechery returns to the window. He draws out a small tool, as if to clean his fingernails. Time seems to freeze as she watches him. He peaks his gaze up at Braedens’ one last quick time. Without hesitation he takes the dove and slays it. “No!” Braeden cries as she reaches out in instinct with a gasp, words drained from her body. The bird lays lifeless in Lechery’s grip, its blood pours down his arm, the gray man’s hand stained red. He throws it down before Braedens’ feet. Letcherys’ words are cold and dead as he kicks the bird aside from his path. “You hope in a myth.”

Sweet Hope...Gone

The words fall like lead at your feet. The court is quiet…the judge looks at Braeden for her defense. She looks desperately towards the courtroom doors. They remain silently closed. No hope of a hero is in sight. The man in gray points the way back to the gray house, the dove lays dead on the floor. Her hope is gone. She is guilty as charged, sentenced to a life of dark echoing halls; of emptiness and of shame.

Braeden steps down from the Defendants stand and begins to walk. Her footsteps sound sharp and unreal as they echo through her ears. Lechery walks a foot in front, his hands cold and gray. It seems forever, the time that passes walking back down that wooden isle from where she came…when she was searching for freedom and life. Now she walks back in chains. In a numb and quiet place tears choke deep inside. Braeden stops and cannot take another step when she approaches the dove at her feet. The heaviness that covers her is too much to bear. Out loud she cries “Is there no hope for me?” She lifts the dove up as she kneels there on the floor and lays the dove on your lap. Tears fall quickly.


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