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Between lust and love

A Story as We Begin
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A treasure ship is on its maiden voyage. It is destined to carry priceless possessions, such as the Mona Lisa, to a distant country…but in the beginning of its journey, the ship spots an island on the way.

It decides to harbor there and share some of its treasure in order to dock. The island is unfamiliar with the value of the items the ship carries. The ship bargains some of its possessions off in exchange for some food and a comfortable place to sleep.

The captain knows his ship holds a fortune, that what it has is irreplaceable, but he’s caught in between sailing the rest of the way even though it is lonely at times, or leaving the ship safely harbored where it is. He sits down and reasons it out in his mind. On the one hand, it’s so much easier just to stay put, but on the other…; the captain shakes his head and stares into the distance.

“How sad would it be” he thinks to himself “to see the Mona Lisa sold for a few nights of good sleep.”

We are the captains of our own treasure ships.

So many times we settle for second best because we are tired of the sea; or in many cases we are so afraid when we have given some of our treasure away that the trip is no longer worth the destination, and so we give it out freely to any port we come to.

We must respect ourselves enough to hold out for the one that will truly know what our riches are worth. Every human being deserves that…to be seen as priceless.

The first step in this journey is always the hardest to take.

It’s that point when we can look at ourselves in the mirror, regardless of where we have been or what we have done, and tell ourselves it’s alright; to look into our own eyes and say to ourselves,

“Yes, I’m worth the price of love."

The Intoxicating Aroma of Romance

Human beings long for love.

This need seems to be wired into our very DNA. We dream of a lover who will fight for us, cherish us and lay everything down for us, even their very life.

We hope and pray to find our “true love” “the One”.

So many times along our journey of searching for this, we find ourselves wounded by painful circumstances or we find ourselves suffering from low self-respect or self-esteem, sometimes for things we’ve done, but many times for things that were out of our control.

Yet somehow we feel we must now carry this burden with us our entire lives…to somehow “purify ourselves” or become the“perfect” person that we secretly dream to be. We stuff the pain inside and learn to live with disappointment, somehow convincing ourselves it is all that we deserve. Yet we deserve so much more, more than we could ever even imagine.

If only we could learn to lay those blames down and love ourselves. So many have already felt there was no other road to take. In their desperateness to be loved and valued, they laid their dreams on the floor and played the only power they felt they had left, the only control, the last card in their hand.


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