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Between Lust for Love and Love 8a

True Love's Gift

In our world of instant gratification, instant “love”…I think we’ve lost sight of what love truly means. The Greeks have four words for love: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge.

Definitions according to Wikipedia:

  • Agape ~ Divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, thoughtful
  • Eros ~ Lust, beauty
  • Philia ~ Friendship
  • Storge ~ Natural affection

So many times our culture focuses mostly on Eros for fulfillment and the fulfilling of our needs…and that is where we first approach the doorway to the Gray House.

It's enticing and desirable…it draws us in like a moth to a light; an unlivable place that looks so inviting and alive. In the end we only end up getting ourselves burned.

Before we know it, we’ve been burned so many times we don’t know any other way. We keep going back to this place hoping at last it will work out this time. We don’t realize that the longer we stay, the more it is slowly killing us.

It’s so hard for us to see that there is a wealth of amazing love and beauty to be found when we protect our goods for just one and no one else;

It is amazing what happens when two people show each other that nobody else can have their goods but them…they are the only one with the security clearance, the access code.

The trust that flows from that is natural and real; there’s no more insecurity about keeping him interested. Instead it is the opposite; love in its purest form lives on no matter what.

That kind of love endures not only through good times when the feeling is there, but it stays lit even through the storms of life; in dark times it is there to help the other person find their way back home. It glows strong and shines light on us even when we feel lost in our own dark place.


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