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Between Lust for Love and Love 9a


The courtroom is quiet; the listeners watch eagerly. The Judge continues.

“And have you yourself known Enmity?” The witness replies immediately to the judges questioning. “Well, yes of course I have…again who hasn’t? Your honor, is this really necessary? Aren’t these questions already obvious enough?”

The judge furls his eyebrows and adjusts his glasses. “Young lady it would please the court if you would answer the questions addressed to you as sworn under oath.” The girl looks on with a leery expression.

The Judge nods, ruffles his notes through and continues. “I have a direct quote from you stating you believe associating with Enmity is harmless…do you still hold to this opinion?” The room waits in quiet anticipation for the girl’s reply. “Of course I do. I haven’t seen any real harm in the matter. As far as what I can tell, it seems perfectly harmless to know Enmity.” The Judge nods. “There have been reports of troubles in these harmless associations, would you agree?”

The girl shifts in her seat, and contemplates the question while lightly tapping her fingers on the desk. “Well yes, the people who are not strong enough to handle it, yes there have been some situations that come from it.” The Judge raises his eyebrows. “Oh, such as?” The room awaits the witnesses answer. “You know just some insecure behavior. That’s the only way I know how to explain it.”

The Judge continues. “But nothing in your personal opinion to be particularly worried over?” The girl answers with a practiced box answer. “Nothing I've ever been worried about. From how I see it if people can’t handle Enmity it just shows they need to grow a backbone and toughen up.” The audience reacts to this statement in murmurs of debate. The Judge nods and has concluded his questioning.

It seems Enmity is winning once again.


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