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Christian Sorrow - Forbidden Sight Continued

Christian Sorrow - killed by religion

Our spirit to fight for one another has been killed by religion.

Our heart to truly love one another and accept our common human flaws has been perverted with egocentric “reasoning”.

It’s like the whole crazy world is talking at the same time and no one is listening.

We all think we’re right…we all think we found truth…we all think we’re somehow ahead of the pitifully confusing game of life, but no one is.

Christians stand in their holy stances and bank truth on interpretation and “faith”…on conclusion that it is evil to go against or debate…even challenge, even though in all truth it is inconclusive belief.

But I challenge it when I say so passionately: oh my gosh, nobody truly knows!

How easy to offer such reasoning as “belief” or “non-belief” and how wonderfully blinding it is to say one should never question God.

I’m broken…I’m angry and I’m tired of manipulative, fearful religious crap.

I could cry for the hate and division it brings.  I could cry for the ropes it’s placed around me…these ropes that still threaten to burn me if I move wrong or twist right.

Christian Sorrow - Illusive Emotion

I don’t know if I will ever find peace again.  You see, religion is twisting my arm…and my mind is trying to kill religion.  I see an epic battle that will never end…for my arm is made of persistently stubborn steel and my mind is made of for-thought “truth” and “no’s” that will not die, prodded nightly with fear of un-worldly wrath.

Emotion is transported within an elusive and deceiving system within us.  So operated by it, how do we ever move beyond its’ consistently changing grasp?

It’s like a wild stallion that we all seek to bridal, master and will to break but never do.  It is the monster and power behind our beliefs and notions.  It is the conviction and truth of our minds and hearts.  It is the grandest of illusions.

Wake up and feel and accept what your eyes truly see.

Our interpretation is entirely; most endlessly overrated…don’t we know that by now?

Are we all so naive?  Shall we remain so blind forever?

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