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Demon of Lust for Love 2

A Dream of a Gray Reality

It was a few months after the dream of the gray house when I dreampt again.

This time instead of a neighborhood there stood a shoreline to some sort of body of water. The sun was out and hundreds of people were enjoying the banks. In my dream I scanned across the water and my eyes saw something startling that caught my breath.

There was blood in the water.

A young girl was swimming and didn’t see that there was a large red beast that followed her. It was huge with blood red eyes that never moved. Its tentacles sliced through the girl a stroke at a time, just enough to make her bleed like several small paper cuts.

The girl didn't realize what was happening. She didn’t seem to see that she was slowly being bled, and she showed no panic that this horrible creature was harming her...and I was too paralyzed with my own confusion to help.

I knew that if she would just pull herself back up onto the bank the creature wouldn’t be able to touch her anymore. To my dismay,the girl simply did not see the danger…she thought the cuts were too small to worry over; she was having a good time in the water.

To my horror,as time moved by, the cuts became too many, and the girl bled to death.

My dream then flashed to a large building where I was walking about observing the activity of the place. There was a back room. I opened the door, and a handsome man stood there. I knew his face. He smirked just slightly as he scanned my body up and down with hollow eyes.

He spoke kindly and invited me to come in and enjoy his company. I knew then what he was. I quickly backed up and walked briskly out.

The dream flashed back yet again to the water and the bank. I looked out and to my horror there was not one, but many in this dangerous water that was now tinted red. Some saw the creatures and swam to the bank and saved themselves while others only waded in the water completely oblivious of the harm.

I Woke Up

As I thought about the dream later that day, I realized that this is exactly what we do as human beings. Not knowing how to fuel that love starved void within us, the hope of receiving fun and attention and convenient "love" leads us into very dangerous waters.

The damage is unnoticeable at first, and the risk seems worth the enjoyment we receive, but inside our self-worth slowly dies as we fight to maintain other's love and approval.

In short, without a vision of the wonders that we are, life can bring along moment after moment of painfully sacrificing the safety, love and respect we all so crave.

We can swim to the shore and walk out and live fantastically, but first we must see the threat of our own enmity and look straight into its desperate, love starved eyes.


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