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Free sample realistic fiction stories

Kissing Australia

Page 5

“Come on, Dessy.”  Trent called out again.  Mac smiled and tilted his large white hat my way as I made my way over to Trent’s horse.  Trent grabbed for my arm, pulling me up behind him on the painted pony. 

Trent and I rode along towards the light of town, and I tilted my head up watching the bright stars blinking above.  “Isn’t it exciting Trent, we’re going to Australia tomorrow morning!  I just can’t hardly imagine!  And Mac…he’s so handsome, isn’t he?  Standing tall as if he owns the whole world.”

Trent smiled, amused at my zeal for life and all things wild.  He made a small guttural noise in recognition to my words.  We arrived at the small homestead we labeled as home.  It was a meager place consisting of a small two room cabin, our two horses and some chickens that roamed free.  The land it was on, however, was breathtaking.

My father had left me ownership of 20 acres of beautiful Tennessee hills.  My cousin Trent and I were the only ones left of our clan in the area, and my father had made him pledge on his death bed to watch out for me.  Many times I felt Trent had made this priority his life more than one duty of many, and I found myself bucking his protective grip constantly.

I had always been that way, a wild child I suppose you could call me.  Growing up I had always insisted on going with my father everywhere he went, rain or snow.  Then he was shot.  It was supposedly an accident, a misfire on the hunting trail one day with his many companions.  Trent was never so sure and always held suspicion it was intentional, in some vague effort to gain possession of my father’s property.

We hopped down off of Trent’s horse, placing it in the stable for the night with my horse, Sassy, a pure bread black Arabian horse, a gift from my father.  We went into the cabin and I jumped right into making the building the fire in the fireplace, dreamily thinking about the next morning.  I had never been anywhere outside of this place.

Every fiber in me was jumping to go to such an exotic place, swim its oceans and take in the strange customs of another land.  Trent watched me as he placed his hat up on the coat rack.  “What are you thinking about over there, Dessy?”  He asked as he locked the door and made his way to the food cabinet for some peppered jerky.

“I’m thinking about Australia, of course.” I said with a smile.  “And I’m thinking about that Mac fella.”  Trent looked down at the floor after taking a large bite of his dried treat.  “We can’t go Dessy.”

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