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Overcoming frustrations - Page 2


In the meantime of sewing like crazy - for the first time - I went to the gym! On base it was only $5 an hour for a personal trainer. I went twice a week. At first, it was awful. I was so weak and it was frustrating (and embarrassing) to lift light weights and do “girly” push ups. For cardio, I started to walk my dog then I began to lightly jog. Kickboxing was my newfound passion. It not only burned calories but also helped with toning. By the time my husband returned, we were able to jog together. I still remember waking up at 5am to jog before work and seeing the Hawaiian sunrise. Very thankful I didn’t sleep in at those times!

There is a saying in the military world that once a spouse deploys, everything will go wrong at one time. I found first-hand that is the truth! Perhaps it’s because you realize how much your spouse’s company helps in certain situations or that only your spouse could fix it. During the deployment, my car broke down 4 times! At first it was overheating, then later the tire blew, then the battery died, and it ended with overheating again. Having roadside assistance while the husband is deployed was a priority for me. I don’t know much about cars. All I knew was how to check the battery, the oil, and water. Changing a tire and an oil change my husband taught me before he left but I was too much of a wuss to actually do it on my own. I had wonderful neighbors to help me out. However, after the 4th time of the car not working, I had it! I ended up using my husband’s truck until he came home. It is amazing how my car never caused any problems when my husband was home. It had a mind of it’s own.

During the 6 months, I tried to make everyday count. Some days I would just relax on the beach, other days I would work hard on a care package for my husband. I also made great friends, some would move as soon as I got to know them; then some others were able to stay longer. In the beginning I tried hard not to explore Hawaii. I did not want my husband to feel left out nor did I want to feel guilty being able to explore without him. However, I compromised and certain fun activities I told him I would not do until he returned ~ that way we could enjoy it for the first time together. I snorkeled, parasailed, and hiked while he was gone. It worked out wonderfully because I was able to show him the best hiking spots or the best beaches to snorkel in. Some people stationed in Hawaii will tell you they despise Hawaii. They feel stuck with nowhere to go. You make it what it is. I say enjoy anywhere you feel trapped in. Life is too short to not enjoy your surroundings. You may just find hidden treasures.

Towards the end of the deployment, I was thankful for the 6 months I had. You learn to appreciate your spouse, friends, neighbors, family, and even co-workers much more. A support system is a must, in or out of the military. We were not put on this earth to be alone. We were made for connections, company, and communication. I truly miss Hawaii, not only for the natural beauty, but it is where I found myself. I learned to trust myself, to improve myself constantly, to help others. To this day, I have made friends there that will last a lifetime. For all this I am truly grateful.

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