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Realistic fiction stories

Willow Haven

Page 4

“Ethan!” I called out in a jolted whisper, quickly pulling my large bath towel more tightly around me. “Baelynn, I’m so sorry, but I had to see you.”  He paused in the dark just before coming in my room, noticing at that point I was dressed in only a bath towel.  “Should I turn around, or?” he questioned, gesturing towards my appearance.

“Oh, um…just a second…I mean yes, turn around please, just for a moment.  Wait, no, I’ll just go to the bathroom…hold on, don’t go anywhere!” I called out.  I heard his slight amused laugh as I closed the small bathroom door behind me, taking in a soft breath, my mind reeling with questions and butterflied excitement.

I grabbed my robe, tying it quickly around me, still slightly wet from my bath but hardly noticing at all.  I opened the door with cautious anticipation, unsure what to expect or where he now would be.  His gaze met mine as he relaxed casually against a nearby wall. 

He smiled as I stepped out and my eyes noticed the fresh tattoo and broken sided handcuff hanging bizarrely from his wrist.  “Ethan…” I began, my voice trailing off as I quickly approached him, my hand gently caressing his wrist where the hanging cold metal hung. 

He looked into my eyes with a slightly shamed hint of a smile to his mouth.  “It’s worse than it looks…well maybe not…but I didn’t kill anyone or anything.  I smiled, knowing him all too well, not the least bit surprised by his disheveled appearance.

“I didn’t think you did, Ethan…gosh, you don’t have any bullet holes hiding anywhere do you?” I said, moving my hands quickly to pull away his leather jacket.  The smell of that leather hide mixed with an unusual fragrance floated over me as I did so, taking me back to our hidden moments of the past.

His white T-shirt showed slight signs of blood and I gasped.  He gently took hold of my arms in his.  “I’m not shot, Baelynn…that’s not my blood.”  I moved my hair out of my eyes, shaking my head in slight alarm.  “My goodness, what kind of trouble did you get yourself in…broken handcuffs and some other man’s blood?”

“I know, it must look really bad.  Listen, I don’t feel quite safe talking here.  Sneak down the balcony with me, Baelynn, let’s go find that gazebo out by the lake.”  I shook my head again with an amused grin.  “Ethan, you’re lucky I’m a tom boy, that’s all I can say right now.” I answered, making my way to the balcony for our descent.

“Oh, hold on, let me get my jeans on, I can’t hike that crazy balcony in this darn robe…that would be a disaster.”  He laughed and nodded, watching me move quickly towards my closet and then disappear once more behind the bathroom doors.  He sat down for a moment, waiting several minutes for me as I adjusted my hair and general appearance.  Ethan sat patiently waiting, his hand subconsciously wiping the dried blood stains hanging brightly on his shirt, as if in some effort to erase them, shouting loudly the proof of his dark and sinister days.

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