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Reality Lust for Love 2

Something In the Way He Talks

A shadow fell over me as I quickly looked up to see him towering above.

I stuttered. “Um, actually no. It’s just me tonight.” I swallowed quickly, my mouth suddenly dry. I kept my shaking hands planted firmly on my coffee mug so he wouldn’t notice. The man smiled a small knowing grin and kept his gaze on mine.

“I saw you watching me.” His words were very smooth and slid through the air like a buttered knife. I felt completely caught off guard. I struggled to find what to say. I started to speak and he interrupted me. “You were watching me, weren’t you?”

I swallowed again, my mind in disbelief that this moment was really happening. I was embarrassed and yet experiencing a rush like I had never known. He laughed under his breath.

“What are you doing here during a rainstorm?” I nervously smiled; his blue gaze was keeping mine firmly in place. “Well…” I stuttered, “It wasn’t raining yet when I got here.” The man casually unbuttoned his jacket, never taking his gaze away from mine. “I think it started storming when I got here…probably to keep you here with me.” He smiled handsomely.

My heart melted and I nervously laughed. “My name's Br...” " names."  He whispered, his swift answer cutting me off like a precise laser.  All of his words were spoken like a straight shot arrow, and I fell right through his open door. I was completely consumed by his gaze. “Does that mean I can't know your name either?” I asked, my words showing an edge of a desperate needing to know.

He smiled smoothly, his gaze staring straight into mine, entrancing me, pulling me in deeper and deeper by the moment; his blue eyes enticing enough to drown in. He held out his hand. It was strong and open, ready to take mine wherever I was willing to go. He took my hand firmly in his and kissed it, his eyes looking into me like a lion cornering its prey.


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