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Stories About Adoption - Page 2


They did allow us to stay longer after all (two hours), since our appointment was later in the afternoon. For some reason we only found one little girl who was six years old that we thought would "fit" with our family and that we thought was healthy. It turned out that she had hepatitis. The psychologist did not recommend us visiting her. I asked him if I could possibly call my doctor in the USA and ask him what his opinion was regarding the little girl's condition? That was fine with him. Then he pulled out a picture from his desk drawer (a picture of a little girl that had not been put into an album yet). "What do you think of this little girl in the blue sweater and the short hair (he asked)"? She is healthy and became adoptable one week ago. She is seven years old. I thought that was too close in age to our daughter (since she was seven). The Psychologist said he would call us the next day.

Our translator phoned us early the next morning and said she had bad news for us. The little girl that we were interested in, was already being adopted by a Ukrainian family. The adoption office just hadn't taken her out of the album yet! "But what about the other little girl, our translator asked?" I said "I don't know". I need to talk to my husband and daughter. The translator asked if I could call her back in five minutes! There was no time to lose because every minute and day counts in Ukraine, or else you could be staying for a long time!

My husband and daughter said; "let's go visit her". My daughter said she would like to go see the 7 year old girl since we already knew her name. Then I knew, this is what we came here for!

We had to get the director's signature from the Adoption Center, (which is not an easy task). It can take hours or days. Also, our translator had to do all of our paperwork again, since we were going to visit a different child. We waited for 6 hours in the car for the paperwork to be finished and signature. Our daughter still had a temperature and fever. The antibiotic that I gave her (from home) was not working. Finally our translator came back and said that the director did not sign our paperwork in time! We would have to wait until Sunday to go and visit the seven year old girl. We took our daughter back to our apartment to rest and get rid of the fever. She got better that weekend and we left the next week on Monday morning for our trip to the orphanage where we would meet the 7 year old girl. We travelled 300 km away. It was winter, with snow outside but we were warm inside and well taken care of. (End of part II).

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