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Fiction stories about places

Kissing Australia

Page 4

“Well great then, I could use the extra company.  Always hated taking these trips alone, you see.”  Trent came up and gently took me by the arm, escorting me away from my new dark friend. “Then you won’t mind if we get some sleep first before meeting you in the morning, right mate?”  Trent stated with mild sarcasm at the word mate.  “Trent, you are so rude at times, I swear you got your manners from a grizzly bear at best!”  I pulled from his grasp and smiled at Mac who was grinning back, getting his horse ready for his exit. 

“What is the particular time and place you would like us to meet you tomorrow, Mac, for our grand adventure?”  Mac smiled as Trent slowly simmered in the background behind me.  “I’m stayen at the Majestic Inn.  Why don’t you both meet me there for breakfast around seven a.m. and we can go from there to the train.”  I laughed with excitement.  “The Majestic Inn!”  I looked back wide eyed at Trent and then back at Mac.  “I have always wanted to stay at that place for since as long as I think I’ve even been alive! 

“Dessy, you get excited over the craziest places, I swear.”  I turned around with my hands on my hips, firing him back a sharp look.  “Well maybe if there was more to do around this dust bowel, I wouldn’t get so excited!”  Mac laughed out loud, making us both turn back to him and snapping us out of our arguing.  I laughed.  “Mac, it’s true, I get so bored around here!  Last place Trent thought would be fun was a gun range…then he sulked all day because I happened to beat his shot on the very first try.”  I looked back at Trent and gave him a small smile, like a secret just between me and him.

He shook his head and smiled back, not knowing what to do with my fire but loving me dearly all the same.  “Well, we’ll meet you tomorrow then fella, but right now we best be getting back on into town.”  I looked up at Mac as he now sat perched tall on his horse.  “Thank you for letting us come with you, Mac…you don’t know what that means to me…to get out of this place for a while.”

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