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Stories About Adoption
Lindas' Story
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He Makes All Things New
Chapter 4

Stories About Adoption, Lindas' Story

After boarding the plane to Kiev our daughter got a sore throat the night before we left and developed a bad cough and fever, as we arrived 19 hours later! When we arrived in Kiev our driver and translator were there at the airport to meet us. They took us to the apartment where we would be staying for a few days. The doorway to the apartment had two doors on it, for "security purposes." It was a nice apartment decorated "Ukrainian style' with beautiful rugs hanging on the walls. We were glad for the peace and rest before going to our appointment at the Adoption Center in Kiev.

The next day our driver drove us to Kiev (since we were staying in the outskirts). After climbing three flights of stairs at the Adoption Center, we waited out in the hallway for our name to be called with people from all over the world, who were also there to adopt a Ukrainian child.

We had decided as a family that our daughter would go on the trip as well, (since she was old enough) and so that she could take part in picking out her sister!

They called our names to come into the room for our appointment. Little did we know, but we would be sharing that "appointment room" with three other families. The psychologist that was interviewing us asked what age group we were interested in? We said 3-5 years old and preferably a girl. We were open to another age group, as long as the girl was younger than our daughter, (since she was the first-born and was going to be the "big sister"). The Psychologist "assured" our daughter that she would go home with a sister! We had prepared her ahead of time, that there were no guarantees of coming home with a child from Ukraine and that we had to trust God for what was up ahead. We were originally told that we had forty-five minutes to pick out a healthy little girl from the many photo albums, which were stacked in an old antique European wardrobe. With only forty-five minutes to look in albums, each one of us took an album at a time and flipped through them as fast as we could showing each other the pictures and going quickly over the information.


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