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Stories About Adoption - Page 2


We spent many hours walking up and down stairs in the hospital with the birth mother. We arrived at 7 a.m. and the baby was not born until 12 hours later. That time with the birth mother was invaluable and can never be replaced. It turned out to be a beautiful experience and we were very glad that we got to know the birth mother. She delivered a baby girl.

She came out black and blue because she had the umbilical cord around her neck two times as well as around her shoulder. I didn't really understand all that was happening at the time, when the nurses rushed her off to where they could help her breathe better, etc. but God was watching over the whole situation and the baby was "kept safe". We all got to hold her and think about what God was "doing"....

We took our daughter home (we were staying in a small apartment on the property of OM's USA office) just 24 hours after she was born. Shortly after we got there, we got a call from our friend, who said that the birth mother wanted to hold the baby and say goodbye to her again. Before we drove back to the hospital, I called the birth mother on the phone (with tears in my eyes), and told her that she could keep the baby because it was still "her baby".

I did not want her to feel pressured in any way by us and knew that the Lord had showed me to go ahead and say that to her. I wanted to make sure that it was truly God's will and that my heart was right before God. I did not want her to feel like she had to do this adoption even though she might not want to. The birth mother thanked me, but she knew that it was the best thing for her baby to be adopted and she wanted her baby to have a "daddy" (father). I thanked her for wanting to do God's will. We took the baby back home and began our "new journey" as parents.

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